Nike t90 Shoot III

I’m a t90 man.  I love my t90’s.  I generally use t90 Shoot IV’s, but I decided to review the cheaper t90 Shoot III’s for the sake of those who are looking for a less expensive boot.  So here it is!

LOOKS: 5/5

Perfect in this category.  The stealthy black of the boot clashes in a perfectly chaotic way with the electric green silicone pads in the instep of the boot.  Many boots, especially the Adidas f-50’s, (which have no business being as popular as they are, I can assure you) are extremely colorful, to the point of gaudy.  This is a refreshing change from the slightly nauseating f-50’s.

DESIGN:  4/5

Hardly any complaints here at all.  It may not be as sturdy as the Shoot IV version, but that’s to be expected.  The five silicone pads in the instep help propel the ball through the air, while the off-center lacing provides a perfect strike zone.  The only downside is the back of the heel:  The material is a bit thin here, but it doesn’t look like it will have any problems anytime soon.

PRICE: 5/5

Priced at around 40 dollars, this is a steal of a deal!


They may not be Shoot IV’s, but for a 40 dollar boot, they’re absolutely fantastic!  They look good and kick good.  The boots are also quite durable:  They take a licking and keep on kicking!

Umbro Dynamis Soccer Boot Review

Normally, I’m a t90 man.  I love the clean contact the Nike boot gives you with the ball, with a comforting, substantial weight and protection.  However, I’ve heard nothing but good things about Umbro boots.  Unfortunately, I can’t continue that tradition.  Here’s why:

Looks:  5/5

Nothing wrong here.  The unique, bold color scheme looks good without being gaudy.

Design:  1/5

Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad!  The boots as solid as a rock, but that’s a crummo reason to buy these!  The toe is a literal two inches tall, and an air bubble (that’s the only way I can explain it!) exists between the top of your foot, and the top of the boot, preventing you from getting any power on the ball.  The boot is uncomfortably narrow, while it’s so high, it flops around vertically on your foot.  There is almost no ankle support.

Price:  N/A

Sure, the boots are dirt cheap.  But then again, the boots are dirt.

Conclusion:  I returned the boots for a pair of t90’s.  DO NOT RECOMMEND!

Stay Warm With A Toboggan Hat

A good quality toboggan can keep you warm even on the coldest of days.  When training for soccer, a tight toboggan can be a lifesaver:  It fits securely to your head, and keeps you warm.  Players should seek to keep the head, torso, and feet warm on the pitch.  Gloves are nice too, but if your head is warm on a cold day, you can stand it even without gloves for a short time.  Stay warm, stay safe, and have fun!  Merry Christmas!  Let’s keep the Christ in Christmas this year!

Full Review of Unique Sports Hot Spots Bands

Well, write me up as surprised on this one…there’s some things you know will work, and there’s some things ya know just ain’t gonna cut it.  Very few things are ambigous, but these Hot Spots are.  THEY ACTUALLY WORK!  Not a whole lot mind you….they won’t turn you into Leighton Baines for 8 bucks, but they do help you make clean contact with the ball.  IMPORTANT:  Stretch them over your boot in the middle of your instep, letting them wrap around the spot on the side of your boot where you pass the ball.  I haven’t tried them out for long yet, but they seem to let me make cleaner contact.  They also work to help you trap balls, somewhat, much like the pads on Geometra’s and CTR 360 boots.  Don’t know how durable they’ll be, but for 8 bucks….try them out yourself!

Unique Sports-Hot Shots Soccer Bands

Well, I picked these up for 8 dollars at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Elastic bands that wrap around the instep of your boot, Hot Shots are supposed to help with trapping the ball, curving the ball, and shooting, as well as helping keep your laces tight and secure.  At first glance, they look like they might help a little.  They don’t look too durable, but they look as if they may actually help with trapping the ball.  The tacky elastic could help grip the ball better, and add some curve to it.  Yeah, I’m looking forward to trying them out.  I’ll give you guys the lowdown after I use them!